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Taysir Holding LLC. Reveals New Corporate Site

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September 2, 2013 – Taysir Holding LLC. is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website The new website will give a refreshing new look at Mobile Payments Solutions and provides an opportunity for partnerships and investment into this innovative and growing global industry. Due to the global nature of Taysir Holding LLC. with reference to the Mobile Payments solutions that they offer, the company has already generated interest in the MENA regions prior to the launch of its informational site. Because of this interest, the company will bring a multi-lingual update to the website in the near future.

The website is designed to inform wealth managers, corporations, investors and financial institutions about the Taysir Holding LLC. mobile payments solutions extending their services; consequently gaining considerable notoriety and generating new revenue streams.

The Mobile Payments Industry is currently expanding and expected to reach 1.5 trillion dollars by 2017, up from 120 billion dollars in 2012.

The highly innovative selection of award winning Mobile Payments Solutions positions Taysir Holding to become a leader in the Mobile Payments Industry worldwide. The launch of the corporate site is also the introduction of the latest innovative payments solution – The Mobile Cash Register (M-CR). Monique Klaui, CEO of Taysir Holding LLC.