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    Nile Information Technology & Dissemination (Egypt & Northeast Africa)

    NileIT is a partnered company with Taysir Holding operating within the Northeast region of the African continent. The company is an innovative and visionary information technology organization, providing turnkey Solutions and Services to organizations in the field of Financial Institution (FI) Sector (Banking and Brokerage) applications/Software. These solutions and services are made available across Africa and the Middle East, with a combination of excellence, comprehensive, timely and world class methodologies and service delivery innovation.

    NileIT was established in 2007 and is majority owned by MCDR (Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry), the national clearing and settlement body of the capital market in Egypt. Among other shareholders is the National Bank of Egypt (NBE). It is founded according to the provisions of the Egyptian Arab Republic regulations and the provisions of the Capital Market law number 95 for 1992 and its executive regulations. NileIT is connected to all the major banks in Egypt in addition to all of the brokers in the Egyptian capital marketing through MCDR.

    NileIT’s vision is to become the premier provider of strategic IT consulting services and financial Software solutions in the Middle East region, focusing on our customers‘ success through expertise and the latest in High-Tech world standard resources. The company fulfills its objective in providing a turnkey solution to clients by building partnerships with various service providers and offering IT planning, project management and strategic consulting services to financial institutions in their transformation into the new economy.

  • Sami Al Hashemi
    Sami Al Hashemi

    Sami Al Hashemi (United Arab Emirates)

    Mr. Sami Al Hashemi is a partner representing Taysir Holding in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His professional background includes 13 successful years in his career and previous work in the field of Economic Development for the government of United Arab Emirates. During this time he became well experienced in Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and Exports Development. Mr. Sami Al Hashemi has completed his studies for the Specialty of International Business.

    As a regular contributor to many mega projects, Mr. Sami Al Hashemi has been awarded as the Excellent Employee 2012 in Exporter Services by the Department of Economic Development for the Government of Dubai. Recently, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai has awarded him as the Creative Employee 2013.

    Mr. Sami Al Hashemi has a passion for smart apps and solutions as he believes in offering pioneering services to the UAE community which is in line with the government initiative to transform to an era of smart community.